1. 1 Prologues
  2. 2 Introduction
    1. 2.1 The Fundación ONCE experience
    2. 2.2 CSR and disability: CSR-D
    3. 2.3 Structure of the Guide
  3. 3 Equality of treatment and non-discrimination
  4. 4 Integration in the labour market as an element of value
  5. 5 Fostering full accessibility
  6. 6 Relationships with suppliers and subcontractors
  7. 7 Social action
  8. 8 Communication as a responsible tool
  9. 9 How to implement CSR-D
  10. 10 Self-diagnosis questionnaire
  11. 11 CSR-D report patterns and follow-up indicators
  12. 12 Relevant European and international legislation
  13. 13 Glossary
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  • Logotype of Fundación ONCE
  • Logotype of Grupo Fundosa

The Fundación ONCE experience

Since its creation in 1988, the main objective of the Fundación ONCE is to promote the social integration of people with disabilities and to improve their quality of life, by the carrying out of social integration programmes, focused mainly on training and employment, and the promotion of universal accessibility through the creation of globally accessible environments, products and services.

At the Fundación ONCE we believe it is essential to cooperate with private and public entities in order to achieve these objectives. We need to work together to design and develop joint strategies that contribute to improve the quality of life and social inclusion of people with disabilities, and also to improve management diversity among our partners.