1. 1 Prologues
  2. 2 Introduction
  3. 3 Equality of treatment and non-discrimination
  4. 4 Integration in the labour market as an element of value
  5. 5 Fostering full accessibility
  6. 6 Relationships with suppliers and subcontractors
  7. 7 Social action
  8. 8 Communication as a responsible tool
  9. 9 How to implement CSR-D
  10. 10 Self-diagnosis questionnaire
  11. 11 CSR-D report patterns and follow-up indicators
  12. 12 Relevant European and international legislation
  13. 13 Glossary
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This questionnaire is a self-implementation tool that will allow companies to assess their current situation regarding inclusion of the disability dimension in their CSR strategy linked to the different aspects explained in this guide.


1Does your company have a code of ethics, a document of principles or something similar which includes non-discrimination of people with disabilities?

2 Option 1. If the country has quota legislation.

Does your company comply with the quota legislation?

2 Option 2. If the country has no quota legislation.

Does your company have a self established target for the employment of people with disabilities?

3Has your company carried out adaptation of workstations for people with disabilities when necessary?

4Does your company consider the characteristics of people with disabilities (and the necessary adaptations) in the processes that regulate some of these human resources management aspects)? (Multiple choice answer. The more boxes marked, the better the company’s situation).

5Does your company implement professional readjustment plans for employees with acquired disability?

6Does your company have a detection, analysis and report mechanism in case of discrimination on grounds of disability at work?

7Does your company carry out any training and/or awareness raising activities on non-discrimination and equal opportunities at work, or on diversity management, that include contents on people with disabilities aiming at improving knowledge about disability issues?

8Are the specific characteristics of people with disabilities considered when designing prevention of risks at work?

9Has your company assessed its accessibility levels with experts regarding any of the following elements? (Multiple choice answer. The more boxes marked, the better the company’s situation)

9.1Has your company assessed its accessibility levels with experts regarding any of the following elements?(Multiple choice answer. The more boxes marked, the better the company’s situation).

Work centres
Commercial facilities and customer care
Tools and intranet
Web page

9.2If the web page has been assessed, does it have an Accessibility certificate according to the criteria established by the Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI)1?

10Has any kind of action plan been implemented to improve accessibility?

11Does your company consider accessibility criteria when building, purchasing or renting new facilities?

12Are the "design for all" and universal accessibility criteria part of the product and/or service development processes?

13Have customer care staff been trained to adequately deal with clients with disabilities and their families?

14When choosing suppliers and subcontractors, do you favour those who comply with employment regulations for people with disabilities?

15Does the company have sheltered workshops among its usual suppliers and subcontractors?

16Have social actions aimed at improving the quality of life of people with disabilities (for example sponsorships, donations , project financing, voluntary work, etc.) been carried out?

16.1If yes, have these actions been designed jointly with organizations representing people with disabilities?

17Do the social actions consider that employees with disabilities might want to participate?

18Are there references in your organization´s CSR Annual Report to actions addressed to people with disabilities?

18.1If yes, are these references part of a separate section or are they globally included all through the Annual Report mainstreaming?

18.2Annual Report include indicators referring to people with disabilities (or which take them into account)?

19Is the CSR Annual Report available in any accessible format for people with disabilities?

20Have you contacted organizations representing people with disabilities as part of the consultation process of the various stakeholders in order to establish your company’s CSR policy?

1WAI (Web Accessibility Initiative): web accessibility initiative means that people with disabilities can useteh web. Further information: (www.w3.org/WAI).