1. 1Prologues
  2. 2Introduction
  3. 3Equality of treatment and non-discrimination
  4. 4 Integration in the labour market as an element of value
  5. 5 Fostering full accessibility
  6. 6 Relationships with suppliers and subcontractors
  7. 7 Social action
  8. 8Communication as a responsible tool
    1. 8.1 Appropriate terminology
  9. 9 How to implement CSR-D
  10. 10 Self-diagnosis questionnaire
  11. 11 CSR-D report patterns and follow-up indicators
  12. 12Relevant European and international legislation
  13. 13Glossary
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Communication as a responsible tool

Communication shall be mainstreamed and shall be accessible

Communication is an essential CSR tool. Therefore, we need to analyze the way the company communicates its CSR and disability actions as part of its general communication policy on CSR matters.

Disability needs to be addressed as part of all CSR communication policies. Thus, the CSR Annual Report of a company which has included disability in its CSR policy will include references to people with disabilities in all areas where actions were carried out (human resources, clients, suppliers, social actions, etc.)

This horizontal approach is better than including a section on actions addressed to people with disabilities.

It is also essential to guarantee full accessibility of communications on CSR matters. In this sense, it is important to recall that CSR Annual Reports and other similar communications are also addressed to people with disabilities as employees, clients, shareholders or other stakeholders.

In order to guarantee this accessibility, the CSR Annual Report should be available in alternative formats and the company should ensure that all other CSR communications (on line information for example) are also accessible.

With regard to advertising, companies can include people with disabilities in their campaigns as a reflection of existing social diversity. It is not only about directly addressing messages to people with disabilities, but also about making clear to society in general (and to people with disabilities and their families in particular) that the company is thinking about them and sees them as part of society. A good example would be a commercial showing a group of people (clients and/or employees) and one or several persons with disabilities as part of the group.