1. 1Prologues
  2. 2Introduction
  3. 3Equality of treatment and non-discrimination
  4. 4 Integration in the labour market as an element of value
  5. 5 Fostering full accessibility
  6. 6 Relationships with suppliers and subcontractors
  7. 7 Social action
    1. 7.1 Specific Actions
    2. 7.2 Social action accesibility
  8. 8 Communication as a responsible tool
  9. 9 How to implement CSR-D
  10. 10 Self-diagnosis questionnaire
  11. 11 CSR-D report patterns and follow-up indicators
  12. 12Relevant European and international legislation
  13. 13Glossary
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Specific Actions

The objective of this guide is not to provide a list of the social actions addressed to people with disabilities that a company can carry out, since this list would depend on the company’s characteristics (activity sector, size, location, etc.)

Nevertheless, companies need to take some elements into account when carrying out these actions:

  • The actions should be planned and carried out jointly with NGOs of persons with disabilities or their families, since NGOs can provide expert knowledge on the situation of people with disabilities and therefore the actions will be adapted to real needs, thus favouring the achievement of the objectives.
  • These actions should contribute to training people with disabilities and their organizations since these are the more sustainable actions and those which have the greater impact.
  • The actions should be based on a modern understanding of people with disabilities and not on a charitable approach. It is not only about what you do but also about how you do it; paternalist and overprotecting attitudes should be avoided.
  • The actions should preferably address people with disabilities with special social exclusion problems, including people with severe disabilities, immigrants with disabilities, Romani people with disabilities, people with disabilities from developing countries, etc.
  • The company must endeavour to establish and consolidate both a medium and long term social action policy concerning people with disabilities, avoiding limiting itself to merely isolated actions. An interesting benchmark will be to calculate and monitor the percentage of the Social Action budget destined to people with disbilities, attempting to improve company efforts.

Depending on the type of company, some of these actions might become permanent cooperation agreements that would benefit both the company and the NGO.