1. 1Prologues
  2. 2Introduction
  3. 3Equality of treatment and non-discrimination
  4. 4 Integration in the labour market as an element of value
  5. 5 Fostering full accessibility
  6. 6 Relationships with suppliers and subcontractors
  7. 7 Social action
    1. 7.1 Specific Actions
    2. 7.2 Social action accesibility
  8. 8 Communication as a responsible tool
  9. 9 How to implement CSR-D
  10. 10 Self-diagnosis questionnaire
  11. 11 CSR-D report patterns and follow-up indicators
  12. 12Relevant European and international legislation
  13. 13Glossary
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Social action

Speaking from a conceptual point of view, not every action aimed at people with disabilities can be tagged as social action. This guide is a clear example of this. Therefore the actions aimed at the employment of people with disabilities and at the design of products and services for people with disabilities should not be considered social action.

This does not mean that companies cannot carry out social actions that benefit people with disabilities.

From our point of view, social action on disability matters must have a two-fold approach:

  • The accessibility of all social action.
  • Specific actions on disability as part of social action.